Friday, March 16, 2012

Last Day in Cambodia!

Angela, Onika, and Erin are on their way to the killing fields. We'll meet Jasette for lunch then we're all headed to the Russian market! to our 10 hour layover in Korea for some last minute sight seeing! Exciting times  ahead!

-- 1:33pm

Just came back from the killing fields while Jasette went to the prison for medical care. It's very depressing to listen to how the Khmer Rouge killed so many intelligent people. We learned a lot about the history of Cambodia and have really enjoyed our stay here. The people have been so kind to us and we are extremely grateful for everyone's generosity and kindness.

Overall, we are so humbled by the people we met at One-2-One Cambodia. Even though some of them have nothing, they are still smiling. From the mobile clinic, to the prisons, to the people that housed us, it was an amazing experience. The people we met at One-2-One Cambodia were like our family. Their home was our home. We were so touched that they cared for us and really extended their services to us. We heart them!

Right before the trip to the airport

Last good-byes

Last day in MOBILE

Today was our last day in mobile. It was such a great experience to work with international students, doctors, and dentists! We did more operative restorations and extractions. Afterwards we took a few pictures and then headed back to One-2-One Cambodia HQ. Overall, we feel sooooo lucky to be apart of this team. It breaks our hearts to see people of Cambodia seek treatment for the first time in their life. Not only that, the people living at One-2-One Cambodia  are very kind to us. They cook, clean, and are so friendly even though they do not have much. They're always smiling and do anything to make us feel welcome and comfortable. We learned that every year they get a sponsor in order to go to school.In just 3 weeks, one student learned English and already is so good! It's sad to learn that they are sponsored only 1 year at at time. They work so hard and they may not even get to go to school unless they have a sponsor. That truly breaks our hearts after they've been soo good to us. Konnga is amazing -- she really goes above and beyond for our ASDOH ASDA team! We can't forget Linda and Mr. Bourne! They've been really good to us too!

A ton of people just came back from a wedding from one of the doctors. The rest of us ate dinner at FRIENDS and then went to the night market! The clothes are super cheap! $2.50 for a dress! Very awesome!!! Tomorrow Jasette is going to the prison to do more medical work. We just said good bye to Dariene and Elisabeth. They'll be in Korea in 5 hours. Angela, Onika, and Erin are headed for the killing fields tomorrow, going to the Russian Market then head for their flight back home. They've got a 10 hour lay over in Korea and get to explore that area for a bit! Then it's back to Arizona for some TMD and clinic!

(Onika, Dr. Neal, Dariene, Elisabeth)

(Anglea & Dariene looking over a procedure)

(James playing with the kids)

(Josh outside the One-2-One van)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Another long exhausting day we are chilling in the room reflecting on our day. The clinic is HOT -- so hot it exhausts a person even more than usual. Erin has SUCH a great assistant, Rathna, that does an amazing job. They work really well together. For example, he knows what the next instrument to  pass before Erin even asks for it. She's going  to miss suchhh an awesome assistant!  They worked on extractions, anterior and posterior restorations, SDF, and others! Onika is sick, but is still fabulous. She  loves working with Vengsran. He is a Cambodian dental student that helps  assist her. They work  together on  extractions, anterior composites, deep restorations, and many more! Angela learned so much and had  a  lot of fun! Dariene and Elisabeth also did an awesome job. Jasette went to work with Medical team in the  slums.

We got our certificates today and are so appreciative! Geckos are around the house, but we welcome them! Dinner will be served soon, and the staff are soo nice! They gave us pineapple, coconuts, and are making us dinner again!! It's sad, tomorrow is our last day working with One-2-One Cambodia. We've really enjoyed our stay here. A few of  the students are hanging out with us in the lobby. We heart Cambodia!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delicious Dinner

The staff just cooked us delicious dinner! Vegetables, noodles, eggs, soup with chicken... YUM! They also had a traditional Cambodian side dish that Erin says is similar to a Filipino side dish called bagoong. Angela says the noodle dish is similar to a Chinese dish.We still can't get over how everyone is soooo friendly and nice to us!

We learned that geckos eat bugs! We like  them!!

Wake up call is at 5am (leaving here at 6am). Time for some bed rest to get up bright and early! Good night!

Another Day

The Khmer people are soooo niceee!!! They are cooking us dinner after a long day in clinic ! Extractions, SGF, preps... we've learned so much in the MOBILE clinic!!! Dr. Neal from the UK introduced us to international numbering. Teeth are divided up by quadrant. A #8 would be called 1.1 and a #1 would be a 1.8; a #16 would be 2.8. Interesting! After a day of getting used to it, it's second nature now! Erin's assistant was so nice! He knew the steps for composite anterior restorations and more! He's a 5th year at university with only 1 more year to go before becoming a dentist. Onika, Angela, and Erin had anterior composite restorations today. They also had to share 1 curing light. The clinic was really HOT--so hot you have electric fans and sweat dripping. Head bandannas are a must! Everyone here is so friendly and we can't believe how accommodating everyone is! One-2-One provided the girls with a driver, Mr. Bourne and he has gone above and beyond to make us happy. One-2-One really has a great thing going on with the people and students they house. THEY ARE AWESOME!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2

The people from One-2-One are soOOOooo nice!! They cooked us breakfast! about 10-15 people waved to us good bye as they left for school.  One-2-One is doing some amazing things with students. the team headed to mobile on day 2 and it was incredible working with international dental students and even dentists from the UK! our commute has been long today -- 2 hours to the site and 2 hours back home... BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

One-2-One Cambodia

Made it to One-2-One Cambodia safely!! We just met with Mr. Bouren and the Khmer people. Everyone here is very friendly and really nice! Lis, Dariene, and Angela are at the mobile site while Jasette, Onika, and Erin are at the main HQ. We're going to do orienation in about 30 mins and super excited to start! Earlier, Onika, Erin, and Jasette ate at Friends,Trip Advisors #1 place to eat at in Phnom Penh. Excited to start this dental mission!!

Erin & Onika in a Tuk Tuk