Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Day

The Khmer people are soooo niceee!!! They are cooking us dinner after a long day in clinic ! Extractions, SGF, preps... we've learned so much in the MOBILE clinic!!! Dr. Neal from the UK introduced us to international numbering. Teeth are divided up by quadrant. A #8 would be called 1.1 and a #1 would be a 1.8; a #16 would be 2.8. Interesting! After a day of getting used to it, it's second nature now! Erin's assistant was so nice! He knew the steps for composite anterior restorations and more! He's a 5th year at university with only 1 more year to go before becoming a dentist. Onika, Angela, and Erin had anterior composite restorations today. They also had to share 1 curing light. The clinic was really HOT--so hot you have electric fans and sweat dripping. Head bandannas are a must! Everyone here is so friendly and we can't believe how accommodating everyone is! One-2-One provided the girls with a driver, Mr. Bourne and he has gone above and beyond to make us happy. One-2-One really has a great thing going on with the people and students they house. THEY ARE AWESOME!

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