Thursday, March 15, 2012


Another long exhausting day we are chilling in the room reflecting on our day. The clinic is HOT -- so hot it exhausts a person even more than usual. Erin has SUCH a great assistant, Rathna, that does an amazing job. They work really well together. For example, he knows what the next instrument to  pass before Erin even asks for it. She's going  to miss suchhh an awesome assistant!  They worked on extractions, anterior and posterior restorations, SDF, and others! Onika is sick, but is still fabulous. She  loves working with Vengsran. He is a Cambodian dental student that helps  assist her. They work  together on  extractions, anterior composites, deep restorations, and many more! Angela learned so much and had  a  lot of fun! Dariene and Elisabeth also did an awesome job. Jasette went to work with Medical team in the  slums.

We got our certificates today and are so appreciative! Geckos are around the house, but we welcome them! Dinner will be served soon, and the staff are soo nice! They gave us pineapple, coconuts, and are making us dinner again!! It's sad, tomorrow is our last day working with One-2-One Cambodia. We've really enjoyed our stay here. A few of  the students are hanging out with us in the lobby. We heart Cambodia!

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